Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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You won’t believe what they put on pizza now

So you thought pineapple on pizza is bad?

The latest abomination to grace our plates is banana pizza, which is apparently a standard menu item in Sweden. Bleurgh.

One of the most popular banana pizzas in the Scandinavian country is called ‘the Afrikana’, which has banana, peanuts, mushrooms and curry powder on it – and occasionally, even (brace yourselves) pineapple.

Now, we like bananas. And sure, we like peanuts too. But on a pizza? Not so much.

As you can imagine, we’re not the only ones put off by the idea.

People have been expressing their concerns on social media about this new trend.

Some people are fans of this abomination.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard about banana on pizza, and we’re sure it won’t be the last – frankly, this traditional Swedish topping is something we’ll never get used to.

But random fruit on pizza is nothing new – and we do have to admit that banana isn’t as bad as the ‘durian pizza’ that’s being served in China right now.

If you haven’t heard of it, durian is an Asian fruit that is, well, extremely pungent, to put it lightly. Richard Sterling, a food writer, once described it as smelling like “turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock”.

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