Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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Vegan Ariana Grande Likes Grilling So Much She Gets A Tattoo

There’s no secret that Ariana Grande is vegan, she told everyone left and right when she had the chance.

Unfortunately, while she’s great at being vegan and making mediocre music, she sucks at reading and writing Japanese.

She just tattooed an accidental homage to a Japanese barbecue grill on her palm.

The US singer’s attempt to ink an ode to her hit single 7 Rings backfired Wednesday after social media quickly chimed in to tell her the characters actually translated to shichirin: a small charcoal grill.

Ariana Grande, 25, had posted a now-deleted photo of the new body art on Instagram before her fans pointed out the error.

In widely shared screenshots of now-deleted tweets, Grande acknowledged there were missing characters but noted that the design would not last, as the skin on the palm regrows faster than that on the rest of the body and tattoos there usually fade.


We must though recognize her passion for grilling, we wonder what she likes to grill, eggplants, corn? Who knows.

Fans went on Twitter to educate her swiftly after she posted the picture above.

Some were ironically sympathetic: “Met with all the Asians, and our official ruling is that the Ariana Grande tattoo is good,” wrote Twitter user Kevin Nguyen.

What do you think? Would you get a tattoo to encourage grilling? Let us know in the comments.