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Top 10 Most Influential Chefs In The World

Joel Robuchon

Here are our top 10 most influential chefs in no particular order.

Joël Robuchon (France) – 32 Michelin stars

Joel Robuchon

‘Chef of the century’ published several books, operated restaurants all around the world and hosted several culinary TV shows in France. He is the world record holder with 32 Michelin stars, leaving his legacy unbeaten even after his death in 2018.


Gordon James Ramsey (United Kingdom) – 16 Michelin stars

Everybody knows this remarkable chef who is influencing millions thanks to his television shows like ‘Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares’, ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, ‘The F Word’ and ‘MasterChef’. His remarkable style and attitude built his perfectionist reputation.


Alain Ducasse (France) – 21 Michelin stars

This renowned chef and restaurateur has opened 25 restaurants across the globe and is not only known for the world-class French cuisine, but also for being the only chef who sent his food to space. NASA cooperated with Ducasse to package and sent 2000 meals to astronauts orbiting Earth aboard the International Space Station.


Marco Pierre White (United Kingdom) – 3 Michelin stars

‘Godfather of modern cuisine’ and also the first celebrity chef made his mark by being the youngest to receive 3 Michelin stars by the time he was 33 years old. He also featured on popular shows like ‘MasterChef’ and ‘Hell’s Kitchen’.


Jamie Oliver (United Kingdom)

His TV personality and skills have earned him numerous endorsements and a great fortune. We mostly love him for his 30-minute recipes, advocacy of healthy eating and for pushing healthy eating in schools. And he is currently the richest chef with a net worth of £240 million.


Carme Ruscalleda (Spain) – 7 Michelin stars

The most starred female chef is an inspiration for all women. She published numerous books on Mediterranean cuisine. You can taste her traditional cuisine in her two restaurants Sant Pau in Barcelona or Sant Pau in Tokyo.


Wolfgang Puck (Austria) – 2 Michelin stars

After moving to the USA, he created his own unique style of cooking blending with Italian and American cuisine. He is a great TV personality featuring in ‘MasterChef’, ‘Iron Chef America’, ‘The Food Network’, ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, ‘Top Chef Duels’, ‘Food Fight’, ‘Just Desserts’ and many more. In 2007 he was awarded by Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.


Heston Blumenthal (United Kingdom) – 6 Michelin stars

One of the first chefs with a scientific approach to cooking. He creates unique food pairing ingredients with molecular similarities together. It may seem to many as bizarre or unappealing, but it brought the chef great success and popularity.


Yoshihiro Murata (Japan) – 7 Michelin stars

A chef who manages to successfully balance deep Japanese cuisine tradition, genuine innovation and exquisite presentation. He published several books, he is a chairman of Culinary Academy and is a great ambassador of Japanese cuisine to the world.


Vikas Khanna (India) – 1 Michelin star

Famous chef, restaurateur, filmmaker and humanitarian. He is a judge of ‘MasterChef India’, he also featured in ‘The Martha Stewart Show’ and ‘Kitchen Nightmares’. He made his mark by creating the most expensive cookbook in the world for $13 000 a piece. Only 12 have been ever been made and he gifted them to famous people including Queen Elizabeth.


Honourable Mention: Anthony Michael Bourdain

Anthony Michael Bourdain was an American celebrity chef, author, and travel documentarian who starred in programs focusing on the exploration of international culture, cuisine, and the human condition.


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