Tuesday, February 23, 2021
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To Review or Not To Review

To Review or Not To Review, that is the question.  No, we don’t mean write a review, we mean empowering those writers to ruin restaurants with just 1 star.  Some chefs and restaurant owners have decided to (and on social media) fight back against Yelpers, by reading their 1-star reviews on YouTube.

These are award-winning chefs, whom it takes months, even years, to get a table in their restaurant.  Some owners and chefs will post their negative reviews online, and have good laugh with their guests, as their way of saying they don’t care.  But the fact of the matter is Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, and Zomato, all exist and are search engines for guests to find and make decisions on restaurants.  So how do restaurants respond?  How do they weed through the fake and the fo?

Imagine responding to every guest review good or bad, then you hope and pray you can get the bad guest reviews back into your establishment, so you offer them something free to get them back in and hope they bite.  Your then retraining your staff, or counseling them on “what went wrong” with this review, now imagine that times all of those different sites…but wait in the back of your mind your chef is thinking I cooked that steak perfectly, or your front of house manager says they didn’t wait that long to be seated, or a million other things that happen with those 1 star reviews that owners and manager and chefs know aren’t true.

But sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor make it impossible to delete or debate a review, so in the end is it worth debating or do you give in, send the guest something free for something you may or may not have done wrong.   Being a reviewer is easy because you can be very mean, and carefree behind a keyboard if they were that upset why not say it while they were in the restaurant?  Like the saying goes, opinions are like…the answer needs to be how do we respond to it.