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The Best Chef Knife Recommended by Professional Chefs

The best chef knife can’t be defined by a single set of features. It’s all about hand-feel. Over several years of working with Professional Chefs and constantly asking for your opinion on our Facebook page, we picked 5 major players in the Chef knife game. Here are our top picks:

This is a beautiful knife. It’s weighted perfectly and fits in the hand just so. It’s on the slightly smaller side of Chef’s knives.

It’s maneuverable enough to chop mint leaves, slice carrots, and peel butternut squash, offering clean cuts without requiring a perfect form.

It has a line of dimples along the side which prevents food to stick to the blade and help manage the weight and it does look attractive. The knife is carefully presented in a very nice package. It definitely adds to the premium feel. Retails at $175.



Kai Shun Damascus DM-0706 Chefs Knife

The Shun has a weight and heft similar to the MAC, it has an 8-inch blade and is suitable for a wide variety of culinary uses – cutting, slicing, dicing, chopping and more. Crafted with precision in Japan, the Kai Shun 20cm Chef’s Knife is comprised of 32 layers of the highest quality folded Damascus steel resulting in a sharper, more durable cutting edge.

The process of folding the steel produces beautiful watermarks on the blade making this product as aesthetically pleasing as it is effective.

This legendary metal is a combination of VG10 Steel and SUS410 High Carbon Steel making it highly resistant to corrosion. As with all of Kai’s Shun series knives, this knife utilizes an ergonomically shaped and weighted handle to ensure comfort and prevent slippage. The black Pakka wood and resin coated handle offers a sophisticated and refined finish to this already impressive knife.
The Shun is slightly more expensive than the MAC, retailing at $182, and a good pick for those who’ve mastered the basics.



Wüsthof Classic Cook´s knife – 4582 / 20 cm

This is one of my favorites, a very reliable and durable knife which holds it’s edge very well with time. All knives from the Classic series are precision forged from a single blank of high carbon, no-stain surgical steel. Traditional skills and the latest robotronics continue the grinding and polishing until the final cutting edge is applied at the most appropriate blade angle. All items feature dishwasher safe handles. Retails at just $100.



G2 Global Cook’s Knife – 20cm

The G-2 Global knife is part of the longer bladed G series. These knives are produced to the highest quality by Japanese craftsmen and are renowned for their sharp cutting edge and perfect balance. When it comes to handling the knife is not ranking very well, many of you said in our poll that this knife is not comfortable and you prefer the Shun instead.

Some chefs say that this is the best knife they own and others strongly disagree, I guess it’s a good knife but not for everyone. It retails at $140.



Victorinox 20 cm Broad Blade Swiss Classic Chef’s Knife

The Victorinox Swiss Classic 8 inch Chef’s knife is perfect for all food preparation, from slicing and dicing to chopping and mincing. The 8-inch chef’s knife is ideal when you want extra power and ease of food preparation from a full-sized chef’s knife.

It’s a European-style knife, meaning the blade is both wider and slightly thicker than the Japanese-style MAC and Shun.

The Fibrox handle is ergonomic and easy to manage with precision. Fibrox handles are designed for use in commercial kitchens and easy to clean because they’re dishwasher safe.

This one and it’s other similar versions are widely used in professional kitchens all over the world and for just over $50, you can’t go wrong.



Do you agree with our picks? What knife do you use? Comment below.