Friday, March 5, 2021
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Servers Hate it When…

Servers have their fair share of problems that are often overlooked. They’re the ones personally taking care of customers’ wants and needs all the while getting in their cardio for the day and constantly enhancing their memory retention.

Be considerate to them so they are able to provide the best service possible.

Servers hate being told a life story.

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During peak hours, servers are usually waiting on 5 to 6 tables at once. While they want to provide their customers the best service, they can’t do that when a customer wants to have long-winded chat.

As a customer, don’t leave the table a mess. It’s a matter of respect for the server, the busser, and the establishment as a whole. Help them better help you, and their next guests.

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If you’re in part of the world that accepts tips, please tip. Those tips are pretty much a server’s paycheck. And there’s no defined amount to those paychecks. Even if the service wasn’t perfect, leave at least a 10% tip. Everyone has off days and they also didn’t cook your food.

Asking your servers to taste your food.

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Think it doesn’t happen? It does. Sadly.

Usually when the food isn’t up to the customers standard and the customer is a bit of a douchebag. If there’s a problem with the dish, we’ll take it back but we’re not tasting food that your mouth has touched. Yuck!

Servers don’t cook your food. Surprise surprise. But I feel like people know this and still like to tell the server off for the food on their table. Ok, you’re not impressed by the food but if the server has done their job well then still be respectful.

Ripping up sugar packets and Napkins

Why? just why?

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Don’t you get out of the house much? There’s fidget spinners these days for people that can’t keep their hands and minds busy. And no, it’s not just kids that do this, full grown, ‘should know better’ adults are the biggest culprits.

Be respectful to servers; they have it rough it too.