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Restaurant Owner Gives Brutal Response To ‘Rude’ TripAdvisor Reviewer

It has become a trend where customers of restaurants, bars and hotels want to express themselves on TripAdvisor, Yelp and other public reviews websites. Sometimes these reviews have a very low star rating and complaints which can be justified or plain immoral.

One online user named ‘Helen E’, thought her experience at Manchester’s Hispi was so terrible, she felt the need to leave a review of the restaurant on TripAdvisor, the restaurant and hotel review site.

As she explains in her review, Helen E rolled up to Hispi with her gang and ordered champagne (£90 a bottle) and a bottle of red wine, priced at £120.

In her group, there was a person who enjoys their wine with a touch of lemonade, this is where the restaurant failed to deliver because they only had cloudy lemonade which wasn’t to the customers liking.

The customer ‘suggested’ that one of the restaurant’s employees should jump to the shop and buy a bottle of lemonade and a pack of cigarettes while he’s at it.

Credit: Twitter/@StickyWalnut

The restaurant staff refused to comply and as a result, the customer left the building but hurt and hungry, probably burning to leave a review and express the disappointment of not having a personal shopper included with their meal.

In an online review titled ‘No customer skills’, she wrote: “There was no movement on this at all so for the sake of a £1 bottle of lemonade and putting yourself out, the restaurant let us walk away.

“Mustn’t need our cash or custom. I find it difficult to understand how you wouldn’t stock the basic mixers that are most commonly used for drinking. Obviously, I don’t know much.”

Only trouble is, this restaurant’s owner was equally displeased with Helen E and her posse. Owner Gary Usher took to social media to deliver a withering response to the unhappy customer, with a series of scathing tweets.

His first tweet, under the handle @StickyWalnut, said that his staff were actually happy to go to the shop to get her mate’s ‘dreadful red wine spritzer and 20 B&H’, but they decided not to because they ‘didn’t like’ them. Ouch.

But he wasn’t finished there. Gary then tweeted a second time confirming Hispi’s stance on running around on errands for customers, posting: “We often nip out for people’s requests. It’s part of great hospitality. We just don’t do it if you’re a rude c***.”

We at Chef Bible can’t be impartial on this and we totally agree with the restaurant owner, what do you think? Comment below.

Another great review response comes from the owner of The Nightingale Hotel, Bar & Restaurant on the Isle of Wight.

We need to put a stop to rude customers who think they are entitled to everything and when you don’t deliver they feel a need for revenge in the form of TripAdvisor reviews.


Source: LADbible

One thought on “Restaurant Owner Gives Brutal Response To ‘Rude’ TripAdvisor Reviewer

  1. I think both parties are incredibly rude. I advise businesses not to engage with an unsatisfied customer on line. It is unprofessional. If you feel you must, simply do so without resorting to passive aggressive and snarky retorts. Simply thank them for choosing your venue, state how professional your staff are and let them know that you are available to discuss the issues for a mutually acceptable recourse by phone or email. It lets the public know that you do care about your customers without you lowering yourself to the rude and angry customer. The venue comes off looking professional and helpful to those looking for a place to visit. The customer who wrote the scathing review comes off looking as rude and unreasonable as he/she is to fellow reviewers. And sometimes venues screw up and should acknowledge it by apologizing and offering to make it better next time. Likewise a rude customer who leaves a ridiculous comment is often ignored by readers.

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