Friday, February 26, 2021
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In The Mind of A Chef Who Lost The Passion for Cooking

I know what you’re thinking, another guy moaning about being a chef, yes, I might be just another guy moaning but by laying on paper my thoughts about my chef life maybe you can avoid making the same stupid mistakes as I did.

I wasn’t always bitter and tired like this, some time ago I was excited, full of energy, driven, I loved cooking, the brotherhood of the kitchen, the dinner rush, I lived for that shit.

But not anymore, what happened you might ask..

Life as a chef is not what most of the people think it is, only a person who actually worked in the kitchen can tell you the truth about chef life.

The chef life is full of blood, sweat, tears, missed holidays, time away from family when it matters the most, the pay is not great and most definitely won’t compensate you for the precious time lost.

The Team Is Everything

The chef life is like the army, the brotherhood keeps it together.

That’s why you don’t call in sick when having just a headache!

That’s why you don’t walk out when you had enough.

You don’t want to let your kitchen mates down.

In the kitchen you’re just as strong as the guy next to you, we dig ourselves out of the shit at a regular basis.

It’s the main thing that sinks into your mind after you’re in the kitchen for a little while, you belong there.

You earn your respect in the kitchen, they won’t just hand it to you on a silver platter just because you have a degree.


After the rush

After a dinner rush, brutal, hot, with our hands full of blisters and cuts, the kitchen covered in olive oil and failed dished just smashed on the side because of anger and just simply not having enough time to analyze it too much, you just get on and do another one.

We sit outside most of the time and smoke, most of us do, we look in the far, not really saying anything, just enjoying the cool air of the night, you are lucky if the Chef will throw a “good job tonight boys”.

At that time most people are in bed, watching TV, with family, maybe having a drink, but you’re here with your brothers in arms. Is it a bad thing? Hell no, it’s great, I just wonder why I’m doing this…

So what happened, why I lost passion for cooking?


The politics of running a restaurant is the reason why I lost passion.

Restaurant owners barking cooking methods to save money.

Serving breakfast all day to make more money.

Afternoon tea (fucking afternoon tea).

Being understaffed all the time due to bad management and budgeting.

But worst of all, just some prick who got promoted from head waiter telling me how to do the job that I’ve done for the past 10 years, that really grinds my gears.


What about you?

You will love it.

Chef life is different than most industries

You don’t choose the chef life, the chef life chooses you!

I started as a washer-upper, washing dishes 10 hours a day.

I could have been anything if I wanted, I was just going through college, I just needed a job.

I didn’t know what I’m getting myself into.

It was unique, looking at the chefs in the kitchen blasting Metallica and flipping pans around.

Shouting clear commands once in a while and shouting “Yes chef!” as a confirmation.

The occasional flirt with the waitresses.

you will love it.

There’s nothing like it, maybe being a pilot on 737, that’s the closest thing I can think about.

It was great while it lasted.

Take care friend, thank you for reading, take care of your brothers in arms, help each other, it’s all you got.