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How long is too long to wait for your food?

How long is too long to wait for your food?  At many places, you walk in the door of a restaurant and they will put you on a 45 minute to an hour wait, maybe more.  Many places you call for a reservation, and when you arrive, your table is ready right when you walk in the door.  You either wait for your table, or you’re seated, and here is where it gets tricky…how long is too long to wait for your food?

Everyone is in such a rush these days, gone are the days of having a meal at a dining table doing business, like you see in the movies.  Or a couple holding hands for hours sharing a bottle of wine just enjoying each others company.  Now it’s two people on their cell phones, not speaking, asking the server how much longer to get their food so they can get their date night over and get back to their sitter.

Food should be an experience, no matter where you go.  Quick service, or table service, it should always be an experience, it should either make a memory or take you back to a memory.  Chefs these days in kitchens all over the world work in made from scratch kitchens, want you to know their food is worth the wait.

So whether you are thinking of dining local, or at a chain, and you sit and wait for a table or you don’t. Once you get to your table, sit down and enjoy the experience.  From start to finish, enjoy the company you are with, enjoy your surroundings, and enjoy the process that it takes from cooks and chefs to prepare that plate for you.  But only you can decide how long is too long, and when is actually worth the wait.