Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Harsh Truths of Marrying a Chef

“I want to marry a chef so I can have good food every day” – pretty much every person just before they start dating or marry a chef.

The amount of times we’ve heard this is mind boggling. In todays society of Uber Eats and Eat out culture, not many people can cook food which makes marrying a chef even more appealing. But is it as glamorous as books and movies make it seem?

If you are dating a chef and thinking of taking the next step, there are some things you and your significant other should think about beforehand.

No, we’re not going to cook for your every meal.

This might be hard to fathom but, just like anyone else who works long hours, we’re tired after work and love those rare relaxing time/days off. I know, surprising right?

Although we do love creating our own dish without the pressures of work in our own home but rarely are we home enough. Long hours and exhaustion leaves little room to cook at home. It is not uncommon for the non-chef spouse to do most of the cooking to compensate for long hours of chef work.

Chefs, as everyone knows work long, weird hours.

We work when everyone else is off. So be prepared to go to family gatherings alone often, or always. We work holidays, weekends, late nights. You will have to be independent and able to function largely alone for stretches of your relationship.

People will ask you where your husband or wife is when you go out alone to these places. It’s hard on your chef spouse and they don’t like it as much as you but that’s what the profession calls for. Hard work, long hours and sacrifice.

This may seem tough at first but once you get used to it, it’s not that bad! It will challenge you to find comfort in yourself and your children and find hobbies that genuinely interest you. Not to mention how much you will appreciate the moments you have together!

We have odd personalities which attracted you for reason.

However, some traits chefs possess at work don’t always translate to the home. We might like to cut tape a certain way for labels at work but not always put the lid back on at home. We may be really organized at work but not so much in other areas. We may seem like different people inside and out of the kitchen, that’s because the kitchen is our home, likely where we feel most comfortable.

There’s going to be chef stuff..everywhere.

Chef knives? You’ll never see enough of them. Pots, weird cooking utensils you’ve never seen, a fridge that’s almost always full, what’s in the kitchen will continue to surprise you.

Let me re-iterate the knife part. Chef’s love their knives. They love them sharp, they love them shiny, and most of the times, they love many of them so get used to being amazed more than once at what your chef will pull out next.

Conclusion? It’s tough, but very rewarding.

You’ll have a life many people don’t but it will come with its ups and downs. You’ll be able to call up your chef and ask ANYTHING and they’ll know it. A walking talking chefbible.  There is more to being married to a chef than just expecting fancy meals every day.

If you can take to good with the bad, at least you’ll never be hungry.