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A Group of Irish People Are Scamming Restaurants in Brisbane

Several reports from restaurant owners in Brisbane said that a group of fraudster Irish girls going around claiming they find glass in their food and then demand everything for free. Marie from Birds Nest Restaurant said:

” I served them personally. They are a group of about seven – four children and three ladies -and they are unbelievably rude. They came in and totally destroyed the restaurant.

Halfway through the meal one lady started screaming that there was glass in her meal and that her mouth was bleeding. I believed her and then asked to see the glass.

Upon inspection, I knew that this had not come from our restaurant but they were relentless. We don’t have any thick glass of this sort in the restaurant. I was so scared and terrified of them that I made their meals and drinks free- around 180 dollars value.

After clearing their meals and drinks- which they demanded – they then started screaming at me for their drinks back- Why had I cleared them etc etc. I generously repoured them all. They still wouldn’t leave and their children were half naked running around the restaurant – mums are smoking outside – left children unattended in the restaurant.

One of the ladies is so all over the place she spills her drink and demands I refill it. Which I did. I kept the glass shard because I was so confident it had not come from us. I’m posting this today because I have had information that they are scamming other places in Brisbane.

Honestly, these were the worst customers (if you can call them that ) that I have ever had in my life and I want to make sure that they don’t pull this scam on anyone else. For the first time in ever – these people drove me to scream my head off at a customer. ”

Here is the glass shard picture posted by Marie on Facebook:

This is initially for the attention of Restaurant owners and Chefs around Brisbane but this might spread to other places so keep your eyes peeled.

A new video from 7 News Brisbane explains this in more detail.

Mothers getting free food by planting glass in meals

Several Brisbane restaurants claim they've been targeted by a group of Irish mothers who planted glass in food, with the hope of receiving a refund. www.7News.com.au#Brisbane #7News

Posted by 7NEWS Brisbane on Wednesday, 7 March 2018

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