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The chef has never been one to mince his words.

Trends come and go, particularly in the food realm. And often, not everyone is a fan of the latest and greatest in the culinary scene, including the industry’s best regarded individuals. Case and point, Gordon Ramsay.The famed chef recently revealed to POPSUGAR US that there are three food trends he cannot stand above all else. These include:

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Truffle oil

Though a hot contender for favourite oil of the moment, truffle oil is not beloved by Ramsay by any means. In his defence, he believes that the oil is used in excess. “The worst thing, for me, is truffle oil. That thing needs to be let down. When [people] use it, they use the same fucking top [as any other oil], so they pour it, and it comes out in abundance. This thing needs to be let out in tiny, tiny, little [amounts],” he says.


The luxury meat cut is again not a bad ingredient believes Ramsay, but one that has been mistreated by the industry. Simplicity is key, he says. “It’s a special cut. It needs to be treated with a little bit of respect. Everywhere you go now, there’s fucking Wagyu meatballs. Preserve it a little bit. Rest it. Allow it to become special.”

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This statement-making addition to the food scene is something which Ramsay will never be a fan of, both due to its look and taste. “The latest one I had, I was in Saint Paul, and someone gave me a bone marrow foam. Now when I think about having bone marrow, I don’t think about it as a foam,” Ramsay explains. “Sometimes they look like toxic scum in a stagnant pool. It was not very good.” Whether or not you’re a fan of a foam-adorned dish, we have to admit the man has a point.

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