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Demotivated Chef Asks Gordon Ramsay for Advice and Gets a Great Response

Demotivated Chef Asks Gordon Ramsay for Advice and Gets a Great Response

With his shouty on-screen persona, Gordon Ramsay may not seem like the sort of person to dish out friendly advice but that’s exactly what a young chef received when he reached out to the chef in his Reddit AMA.

The chef seemed to have hit somewhat of a wall in his career when he reached out to Ramsay, asking:

“I’m working in a Michelin kitchen right now, toiling away, hours after hours, days after days. My dreams are nowhere to be found as I scale and portion salmon after salmon, shelling pods after pods of broad beans.”

“The closest thing to feeling any kind of joy I get is those rare moments when I walk through the dining room near the end of service to get some coffee for everyone, and there will be a few diners left, idly sampling those little petite fours that we’ve painstakingly ensured are all perfectly round, identical, and just plain delicious. Then, one of them will stop the conversation they’re having with their company, look up from their food and say, ‘Thank you, chef. This is delicious,’ and making the previous 14-hours of sweat and tears kind of worthwhile.

“My question is, how did you deal with it? How the fuck did you deal with all the bullshit, Gordon?”

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It’s a feeling that many young culinary students have encountered at some point in their career and something that clearly resonated with Ramsay who responded with some top advice and the offer of some work experience.

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