Friday, March 5, 2021
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Challenges of being a chef in the current COVID pandemic

COVID-19 has affected almost every country across the world. Being one of the most severe pandemics of the era, it has produced a negative impact on every business sector. Especially, the most number of COVID positive cases in the world are from the United States. With 4.1M active cases to date, its death toll has already crossed the 146K mark in the US.

Almost every country in the world is undergoing a financial crisis due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The business industries that have suffered the most during this pandemic are the travel & tourism and the food industry. Nevertheless, as the world is moving to find its next normal, the food industry is constantly emerging to be back on the track. However, this worldwide health crisis is posing a great challenge to the normal work routine of a chef.

Here we’ll talk about the major challenges of being a chef in the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on a Chef’s Lifestyle

Factors like quarantining, lockdowns, etc. due to the Coronavirus have caused great harm to the food industry. They have entirely changed the work strategies of the leading restaurants in the country. Moreover, numerous restaurants and food shops have shut down due to decreased sales and several other reasons because of this pandemic. Not only this but also many restaurants have pivoted their businesses to takeout and home delivery services.

Ultimately, it’s the chefs or the cooks working at these restaurants who have to deal with these challenging life issues. The major challenge faced by a chef providing his services amidst this pandemic is that he has to take care of his health and abide by all the precautionary & safety measures stated by the WHO. In simpler words, they have to take care of all the factors like sanitizing their hands regularly, wearing a face mask, and strictly follow the social distancing rules.

How are the Chefs dealing with the Covid-19 Challenges? 

Despite facing all the challenges and work issues due to this virus outbreak, the cooking professionals are probing for easier ways to tackle the same. Many restaurants have started limiting their customers and are introducing new exciting ways to attract customers. For this purpose, they also have to deliver their services complying with the highest quality standards.

Also, the World Health Organization has recommended heating the food above 165 degrees. Doing so destroys all the harmful germs and viruses that may result in health-related issues. Furthermore, all the scientists and researchers across the globe are busy finding a cure to this pandemic and the preventive measures that can help avoid it. Likewise, they also suggest the health and safety standards for the food industry. So, being a professional cook, every chef must follow them.