Monday, August 2, 2021
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8 Annoying Problems Chefs Have to Deal With

Being a Chef is often glamorized on television programmes.

But working in a kitchen is often very different to how they portray it on TV..

Here are 8 problems (out of many) which Chefs have to deal with:

1. Not having a social life

It’s very difficult to have a social life when you work as a Chef. A lot of the time you will be slaving away behind a hot stove whilst your friends are out having a good time. Even if you have time off where you can meet up with your mates- you will probably be too knackered to do anything anyway!

2. Getting phone calls on your days off

Days off are somewhat of a rarity when you work as a Chef, but sometimes you will be phoned up by your boss and asked to come in. This often happens when the Chef who’s covering you calls in sick.

3. Getting judged on ‘TripAdvisor’

There are not many other professions where customers critique employee’s work online, but unfortunately this is a common occurrence for Chefs. This can obviously be a good or bad thing, depending on what the customer thought… But more times than not, people like to have a moan, with Chefs getting the blame if the food arrived at the customer’s table cold.

4. Working on Public Holidays

Your family and friends will most likely get days off on public holidays such as Easter. But the average Chef will be expected to work them. A lot of the time Chefs get paid more on public holidays though.. so that’s a bonus!

5. Having sick leave

Some Managers don’t agree with sick leave, and will expect you to show up to work.. even if your arm is hanging off.

6. Getting hurt.. a lot

Chefs spend long hours handling sharp knives and carrying boiling hot liquids whilst being rushed off their feet. Therefore it’s no surprise that accidents in the kitchen are pretty common- your hands will always be covered in cuts, burns and bruises. Your feet will also be knackered from all the running around you’ll be doing.

7. Relationships

Working 12-hour shifts are pretty normal in the Chef world, so when you are in a relationship with somebody who works 7.5 hours per day it can cause tension. Whether this is because you never have time to do anything with them due to working long hours, or being too tired to do anything.

8. Being forced by to cook at every family event

One downside to being a Chef is your family all know that you cook delicious meals for a living, so naturally will expect you to cook at family events- such as BBQ’s.