Thursday, March 4, 2021
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7 Plating Hacks to Take your Plating Game NEXT LEVEL


Keep it odd, always plate in odd numbers, our brain isn’t trained to see things in odd numbers making the plate seem more interesting.


Always plate in a manner that draws your eye around the plating surface, this will also help the eater interpret the way that the dish should be consumed.


Tools, get yourself some tools to help you up your plating game. One staple should be an offset spatula. It will enable you to create drags & smears on plates, taking you plating to the next level.


Think simple, don’t try and over complicate things. By plating cleaner you dish will look more elegant.


Garnish sustainably, make sure that your garnishes have a purpose to the dish and are edible. Nothing needs to be on the plate that you can’t eat.


Color, think about ways to bring color to your dishes. Think of things such as flavored oils such as pumpkin seed or vegetable purées. Also try to incorporate cooking techniques that allow you to keep the color of the produce, for example charred butternut squash.


Texture is crucial to every dish. Try to incorporate some sort of textural element to every dish. Some go to things would be nuts, seeds, savory granolas, crostinis, tuiles & homemade crackers to name a few.