Friday, July 30, 2021
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3 NEVER EVER do’s as a server…

As a chef you must have a good working relationship with your front of house and vice versa. There are however, some things you should never ever do.

Number one, asking repeatedly if something is coming for a table. Of course it is coming, its on the ticket right. And for the love of god don’t check back in 30 seconds to see how it’s coming along, this will not make the food cook faster but will make you worse off with the back of house staff.



Secondly, never take food from the pass without it being approved by a chef. A chef needs to give final approval of all food leaving the kitchen and this also helps avoid food being sent to tables out of order, this will also save you a trip back to the pass wondering where food for another table is. This situation doesn’t bode well for anyone.

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Lastly, don’t cop attitude with the kitchen because you forgot to ring in a ticket and need something “on the fly!” We will do everything we can to help save the guest experience, but you won’t do yourself any favors asking if you “can just have that one,” from another ticket.


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