Friday, June 18, 2021
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3 Kitchen Sins that Drive Chefs Crazy

There’s nothing more frustrating than monkey wrenches being thrown into a well-oiled kitchen line during service. But let’s face it, it happens. It’s aggravating, especially during the rush, but we deal with it. However, there are some steps that can be taken to help maintain the machine.


First off, the golden rule, don’t touch a cook’s station. A cook’s station is his or her own domain during a service. Their stations are setup up so they can move almost mechanically.

One thing out of it’s typical space can lead to mistakes being made. If there’s a button, ring it in. Tickets are a cook’s written Word and will be followed. They move the machine forward. Non-ticket items cause the machine to constantly pause.



A great service can only be had if the machine is running smoothly constantly. Simplify the mods. It’s hard on the eyes and confusing to read when there are 5 lines of red for every item. If a slew of modifications can be dumbed down to an “only…” or “just this…”, do it. Too much text gets mind boggling when the rush hits.

Help the cooks out. They’re working hard under intense heat and pressure. Teamwork makes the dream work baby! We DO, however, love a cup of ice cold water when the going gets tough!