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11 Kitchen Terms Explained



This means one thing, get out of the way, it’s not an invitation, it’s a demand. For your own good, get out of the way. Some may use “hot behind” if they are holding something boiling hot in their hands.


Running the pass

First of all, let’s establish what is the pass. Pass is a long flat surface, where food is plated, garnished and cleaned up. The completed dishes are then picked up by the waiters and served to the guests. The chef who is running the pass is responsible for getting all the plates for an order together.


Dying on the pass

Ready hot food, that is sitting on the pass for too long is “dying on the pass”. It’s getting cold and therefore less enjoyable for the guests. This tends to happen when waiters are too busy or too lazy. When the chef is yelling that the food is dying, it’s a sign for a manager to get someone to come to pick it up and deliver to the guest.


On deck/ On order

The chef or cook responsible for running the pass is informing another kitchen member about the received order. What’s ‘on deck’ therefore means what orders are coming up next.


On the fly

If you hear this phrase in the kitchen, it is a sign that a server needs a particular dish as soon as possible. Whatever it is you are doing at the moment, drop it immediately and get this dish ready!


Nuke it

Synonym for “microwave it”. This is usually done when a customer complains that their food is not hot enough.


Flash it

If someone orders a medium rare steak but it worked out to be slightly undercooked, the chef will tell you to “flash it: in the oven to raise the temperature.


No show

A no-show is a kitchen employee who doesn’t show up for work. Or a customer who doesn’t show up for their reservations. All no-shows are undeniable assholes.


In the weeds / In the shit

If a cook is in the weed, it means he is overwhelmed with orders and frantically trying to cook and plate his dishes. You better help here or the whole kitchen can lose control over the situation.


Waxing a table

Means giving a table VIP treatment.


Boogie Man

When you hear that “the boogie man” in on the premises, you know the health inspector is in the restaurant. All the cooks know that they need to make sure everything is clean for the inspection.