Thursday, July 29, 2021
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10 Ridiculous Kitchen Gadgets That Make Us Laugh

Here are a few kitchen gadgets that make us laugh.

Fat Magnet

This is made for all the “fat-free” and “low fat” fans. It should attract unhealthy fat from soups, stews etc. Starting price was £15.00 now went down to £3.00. You know why my friend!


Onion Goggles

Who says that chef can’t be fashionable? We just need a good excuse to dress up, right? So, thank you onion, thank you. And if you like going for a swim after work you can use them again.


Runny Nose egg separator

Disgusting. And not in a funny way, but more of vomiting, unable to eat all day kinda way.


NoCry cut resistant gloves

5 words: “Nobody’s got time for this!” And to be perfectly honest, anyone who will pull out these gloves to grate cheese would make the rest of the kitchen cry all day!


Angry Mama microwave cleaner

The one who designed this gadget has some serious issues at home. My mother was always happy when me and my sister cleaned. So, unless there is a smiley mama, I don’t buy.


Splash-Shaped cutting board and spoon rest

I don’t know a person who doesn’t like their kitchen to be clean. To order a “splash-looking” cutting board would be kind of contra productive, don’t you think? Unless you want to unfriend the health and safety inspector with lame jokes like this one.


The Cats Butt salt and pepper shaker set

Kids scream in horror.


Bacon Rack Hanger for Microwave

What was the marketing campaign for this one?! This microwave-breaking gadget will make sure your bacon is covered in tasty plastic and a forest burning aroma will fulfil your beautiful home.

You will be “hangry” to the moon and back!


Bear claws meat shredder

Yeaaah, superhero stuff! Which one do you choose? Wolverine or Wolverina, Black Panther or Cat woman, Sabretooth or Daken, Wolfsbane or Lady Deathstrike? This is actually the only thing on the list that can be useful in case you run out of forks.


Dumb Apron

Maybe you have one, and that’s fine, but the majority of us probably just laugh on these. And you must admit, sometimes they really are over the top.

I would rather peel potatoes for the whole week than put this one on. How about you?