Thursday, July 29, 2021
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10 Perfect Salmon Pieces by Gordon Ramsey. Would you cut it the same way?

In this video, we are looking at Gordon Ramsay slicing a salmon. He starts off by sharpening the knives and slicing the gills, after which he turns the salmon on the other side. The first tip he gives revolves around ‘tilting’ the salmon and cutting it along the top. Using the tip of his knife, he slices the fish in half.


After that, he holds the salmon’s head and inserts the knife down, in, and through, removing the skin around it. He also points out that you should be careful, as this particular area is very delicate.





The next essential cooking tip suggests that you should use the tip of your knife and follow the bone as you cut. After finishing the previous process, Ramsay continues to cut along the backbone and towards the tail. By doing this, you will remove the vast majority of bones and the head, leaving you with a clean piece of fish to work with.



Ramsay’s now left with the most delicious part of the salmon, but the dish is still not ready. The next step is trimming and removing the rib bones. Gordon executes this step with unparalleled precision and advises us to not go too deep, else we might lose a portion of the flavour.


This process aims to refine the meat. There are only a couple of stages left now. Gordon carefully examines the salmon again, searching for pieces of bone that he might have missed and further prepares the meal.